Financing for companies in the operation of H&S

In connection with publicized in the media campaign of the Social Insurance Institution growing interest of entrepreneurs unrequited bailouts actions aimed at maintaining the ability to work throughout the period of professional activity carried out by payers. The program is addressed to entrepreneurs, in particular to small and medium-sized enterprises. The grant amounts, however, are dependent on:

  • the type (size) of the enterprise
  • the type of project chosen for the implementation

    and range from 40 000 to 500 000 zł.Among the projects supported by the Social Insurance included:

    • investment projects , which will relate mainly to technical safety aspects (development, modification and improvement of the technical condition of machinery, equipment, systems and protective measures)
    • consultancy projects , focused on improving the management of occupational health and safety, including the implementation of risk assessment, introduction of safe work procedures and the planning and monitoring of preventive health and safety
    • investment projects – consulting , combining the above-described action.

      For detailed information on grants and an application, please visit the Social Insurance Institution or here .If you are interested in using the funding while completing the application you will be required to help Specialist. Health and Safety.

      ASE BHP specialists helps you to quickly and effectively prepare the grant application.