About us

ASE BHP is a modern, dynamic company with health & safety industry. The high level of knowledge, qualified staff and gained experience allows us to offer a very high quality of all services provided. As one of the few companies in the H&S area, we specialize in professional conduct safety training for all employee groups, also in English. For your convenience we offer a possibility to order online periodic safety training. To ensure the highest standard of our solutions we work with scientists from the Technical University of Lodz.

The owner of the company is MSc. Patricia Nowacka, a graduate of the Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering in the fields of Environment Engineering and Occupational Health and Safety.
She received a scholarship program for the best doctoral Technical University of Lodz in the field of new technologies and three times the scholarship grant of the Prime Minister.
She gained practical experience of OSH working in local companies of health and safety industry. While coaching experience she deepened as a lecturer at the Faculties of Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering and Process Engineering and Environmental Protection Technical University of Lodz, performing at a lot of conferences and participating in training courses and coaching skills.