This is constant and comprehensive support for your company’s health and safety area in accordance with the provisions of the polish Labour Code. The choice of outsourcing provide your company many benefits. First of all, under the contract, you receive complete care, full control and consulting of H&S specialists what allow your employees to concentrate fully on the performance of their duties.
Outsourcing cooperation is concluded on the basis of a contract which is individually matched to the needs of the customer.
ASE BHP offers services related primarily to the performance of the duties of health and safety in the workplace, including:

  • professional training in health and safety, first aid and fire protection in Polish and English languages ​​
  • H&S consultancy
  • determination of the causes of work accidents and the drawing up of full post-accident documentation
  • conducting internal audits of the state of H&S
  • drawing up safety status reports, evaluation and updating of occupational risk and other H&S documents.
    We encourage you to take advantage of this very convenient form of cooperation. We will be happy to answer your questions.