I. General provisions
1. Undermentioned conditions solely concern the Ordering people, Participants in online periodic Health and Safety trainings and Organizer.
2. The following terms used in conditions refer to:

Organizer – the Company name: ASE BHP Patrycja Nowacka, headquarter: 93-457 Łódź, Rudzka St. 14a, Poland, tax number: 731 187 67 55, registration number: 361940657

Participant (Trainee) – a person who is notified to online periodic Health and Safety training by an Ordering person through online form available on website.

Ordering person – natural person, legal person or organizational entity who decides to delegate Participant or Participants to the periodic Health and Safety training.

Confirmation of participation – paper statement sent by Organizer via email to Ordering person.

Training – self-learnt periodic Health and Safety training which is accomplished due to e-learning.

II. Application for participation
1. By filling the application form Ordering person accepts the online trainings’ terms and conditions, also contracts to follow the legal regulation and any other arrangements between Ordering person and Organizer. It obligates Ordering person to make a payment for an ordered training and package of teaching materials which price is included in the training fee (40% of a total fee) and could not be returned to Ordering person.
2. Application is made by Ordering person by filling the application form which is available on website.
3. Ordering person could be also a Participant (Trainee).
4. Organizer is not responsible for any harm because of application form filled by Ordering person with incorrect data.
5. Organizer reserves the rights to have a list of Participants of training and to make changes in teaching materials. In case of changes in teaching materials Organizer sends information of changes to Participant via email.
6. By filling the application form, Ordering person allows Organizer to send teaching materials to Participant via email.
7. After registration, Organizer sends information to Ordering person with a confirmation of Trainee’s participation. At the same time, Organizer sends to all of the Participants set of teaching in accordance with type of training mentioned by Ordering person in the application form.

III. Training’s participation
1. Participant is enrolled to online periodic Health and Safety training by an Ordering person.
2. The set of teaching materials consists of materials for self-learning, attendance list, test of knowledge and instruction.
3. Teaching materials are Organizer’s property and are sent to Participant directly after filling and sending application form by Ordering person. Participants and Ordering people are not allowed to distribute and share those materials to third party without Organizer’s approval.
4. Participant is asked to fill and send test of knowledge and attendance list in 14 calendar days from the day of receiving teaching set.
5. Positive mark, following the rules and conditions as well as timely payment made by Ordering person results in receiving Confirmation of participation in self-learnt periodic Health and Safety training.
6. Confirmation of the participation will be delivered in a way chosen by Ordering person in application form.

IV. Participant’s responsibility
1. Participant is asked to familiarize himself with Terms and Conditions.
2. Participant is asked to familiarize himself with all of the materials from the training package.
3. Participant is asked to follow all of the hints listed in instruction.
4. Participant is fully responsible for giving a correct data to Organizer in re-sent materials (test, attendance list etc.)
5. Participant is asked to handwrite in all of the forms which should be sent to Organizer. It must be confirmed with signature.

V. Payment
1. Ordering person is obliged to make a payment in accordance with a price list provided in application form.
2. Payment should be done in PLN currency as a bank transfer on account mentioned by Organizer on website or in a message sent by Organizer to Ordering person. Transfer should be done in 7 calendar days from the time of receiving confirmation of ordering.
3. Tax invoice will be sent to Ordering person to indicted address after bookkeeping of a transfer.
4. Lack of payment in given period results in not giving Confirmation of participation to Participant even if he/she follows all of the rules and gets positive mark.

VI. Personal data protection
1. Participants’ personal data given to Organizer is used only by Organizer in order to prepare Confirmation of participation and other training documentation according to the Journal 2004 No. 180 item 1860, as amended.
2. Participants’ personal data is stored by the Organizer according to the Journal 1997 No. 133, item 883, as amended.
3. Organizer takes all appropriate security measures in accordance with commonly accepted principles for protecting the confidentiality of the information.

VII. Resignation from the training
1. Ordering person could resign from the training.
1.1. If Ordering person has not paid for training resignation causes the need of paying for teaching materials sent to Participant which is 40% of total fee.
1.2. If Ordering person has paid for training and resignation is done before 7 calendar days from sending application form, Organizer sends 60% of payment to Ordering person to the account mentioned by Ordering person by bank transfer.
1.3. If Ordering person has paid for training and resignation is done after 7 calendar days, fee is not given back at all.
1.4. If the time from filling and sending application form is longer than 7 calendar days and there is no payment from Ordering person on Organizer’s account, the training is considered as a cancelled. Ordering person should pay for teaching materials immediately 40% of total fee.

VIII. Organizer’s responsibility
1. Organizer is obliged to send teaching materials to all of the Participants as soon as application form is sent by Ordering person.
2. Organizer is obliged to update teaching materials so that Participant could receive reliable information.
3. In case of Organizer’s fault Participant do not receive/do receive not completed or wrong materials, Organizer sends instantly the proper/full version of materials. Time to self-learning (14 calendar days) is counted from the moment when proper/full materials are sent.
4. Organizer is obliged to give to Participant Confirmation of Participation after finishing self-learnt periodic Health and Safety training and sent it in 3 days.
5. In case of Organizer’s fault Confirmation of Participation will be filled with incorrect data, Organizer sends Confirmation with proper data at His own expense.
6. Organizer is not responsible for any harm in delivery of Confirmation of Participation after giving it to the Deliver Company.

IX. Final provision
1. If the matter is not regulated by these Regulations, Civil Law is applied.