Periodic trainings

All safety training have their expiry date. The employer is obligated to provide for all employees in their specific time periodic trainings. Their frequency depends on employee’s position. First periodic training should take place:

  • 6 months from the date of the initial training for persons managing employees and eployers,
  • to 12 months for the remaining workers.

    The next periodic training should be organized for each group of emploees with frequency:

    • 3 years – manual workers (or every year if they work in dangerous conditions) – training must take place in the form of instruction.
      Other groups of workers (listed below) may undergo recurrent training in the form of instruction or self-education, which is one form online training (e-learning).

      • every six years – administrative and other
      • every 5 years – employers, directing the staff, engineering and technical workers, health and safety professionals.
        We invite you to organize periodic training for your employees together with professionals from the company ASE BHP. We conduct periodic training both in the form of instruction, self-education and e-learning in Polish and English.To order periodic training, please contact us by phone or e-mail, select and confirm the date and location of the training. For choosing a form of online training, please go to the ONLINE TRAINING .
        Each course ends with periodic test to verify the knowledge, after which students receive the appropriate certificate.